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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Foto Hantu Kuntilanak

Kuntilanak (Melayu language: puntianak, pontianak) is a ghost that is believed to come from women pregnant who died or the woman who died in childbirth and child have not been born. The name "kuntilanak" or "pontianak" most likely comes from the combination of the word "pregnant" (pregnant) and "son".
Pontianak city got its name because it is said Alkadrie Rahman, founder of the Sultanate of Pontianak, this ghost disturbed when will determine where the establishment of the court.

In folklore Malays, kuntilanak figure depicted in the form of a beautiful woman who back holes. Kuntilanak described glad to terrorize the villagers for revenge. Kuntilanak as appears always accompanied by the fragrant flowers of frangipani. It is said that men who are not careful could be killed after kuntilanak transformed into the blood sucking. Kuntilanak also loves to eat babies and harm pregnant women.

In the movie scary stories and horror on television Malaysia, described kuntilanak kill prey by sucking the blood in the neck, like a vampire.
Somewhat different picture of Malays, according to tradition, according to tradition kuntilanak Sundanese not have a hole in the back and only interfere with the appearance alone. The kind that has a hole in the back as the description above is called Sundel Bolong. Kuntilanak reportedly also like a certain tree as a "dwelling", such as hibiscus that grows leaning to the side (popularly called "hibiscus inclined").

Based on the beliefs and traditions of Javanese society, kuntilanak will not interfere with a pregnant woman if the woman is always with nails, knives, and scissors when traveling anywhere. This causes frequent practice seen put scissors, needles and knives near the crib.
According to public confidence Malays, sharp objects like nails kuntilanak can ward off attacks. When kuntilanak attack, a nail stuck in the hole behind the neck kuntilanak. While in other people's confidence in Indonesia, the location to be shifted a nail stuck into the top crown kuntilanak.

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