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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Foto Hantu Kuntilanak Gadis

Not familiar with the place, this kuntilanak ghost appeared himself in a hotel lobby. It is said that before the land is built hotel is a former well-known Dutch cemetery haunted. Taukah you that in fact every step our feet tread the ground that we once used as a cemetery?

Foto Kuntilanak Indonesia

Female figure appeared with long hair loose sleeveless driver disebuah cemetery land. It is said that this is a ghost kuntilanak train tragedy in bintaro.
The kunti usually will stand lane tracks. Before the appearance usually be heard groaning in pain, or the howl of a dog in the middle of the night. This Kuntilanak figure will then disappear and move to a public cemetery land driver, when the dawn began to break. Still a puzzle why his spirit is still not quiet, whether she was the victim of tragedy bintaro train or rape victims. We wish unacceptable side arwanya YME Lord, Amen ...

Foto Hantu Kuntilanak Indonesia

Believe it or not .. but you already can see it with your own eyes. Strange figure with a hideous face positioned behind The figure is captured by the camera accidentally, or deliberately reveal themselves?? Young people who have the photo does not realize that there is a ghost follow them

Foto Hantu Pocong Indonesia

Ramon, Evan and Dimas are the three friends in a special boarding school boys, the strict discipline. One day they had a beautiful new teacher and sexy, mother Sonya name. This gives an idea for Evan and Dimas to hire a sexy dancer, who dressed like a mother Sonya and brought in the school, as a birthday gift surprise Ramon.

Foto Hantu Pocong

This incident immediately caused uproar among the students because the next morning, all HP tape contains scenes are exciting dancers. Until finally, Pak Rizal, as the matron of their catch. For fear expelled from school, Ramon groups deny that they are doing. Pak Rizal continued to insist on the three accused as the perpetrator, Ramon finally risked that he could have sworn pocong to prove that they are not lying. Mr. Rizal immediately challenged them to really take a vow pocong.

Foto Hantu Pocong

Depictions pocong vary. Say, pocong berwarnah has a green face with empty eyes. The other portrayal states, pocong flat-faced and has a hole or hollow eyes closed cotton with pale white faces. Those who believe in ghosts assumes, pocong is a form of protest from the dead who had forgotten to open the bond kafannya before the grave was closed.

Although pocong in movies is often portrayed jumping moves, the myth of the fact stated pocong pocong floating moves. This is understandable, because in the movies starring pocong could not move his legs so that the operation should be jumping up and down. This situation also led to an unusual statement pocong used to distinguish genuine and fake pocong in society:

Belief in the existence of ghosts pocong developed only in Indonesia, particularly in Java and Sumatra. Although the depictions in the tradition of Muslims, people of other faiths also were able to recognize the existence of this ghost.

Pocong often colored short story or a romance-themed mysteries. In the Indonesian national cinema genre of horror, even pocong often presented. Some even use it as a title.

In the parade of ogoh-ogoh before the celebration of Nyepi in Bali, for instance, often manifested pocong form, usually by groups of non-Hindus.

Foto Hantu Kuntilanak

Kuntilanak (Melayu language: puntianak, pontianak) is a ghost that is believed to come from women pregnant who died or the woman who died in childbirth and child have not been born. The name "kuntilanak" or "pontianak" most likely comes from the combination of the word "pregnant" (pregnant) and "son".
Pontianak city got its name because it is said Alkadrie Rahman, founder of the Sultanate of Pontianak, this ghost disturbed when will determine where the establishment of the court.

In folklore Malays, kuntilanak figure depicted in the form of a beautiful woman who back holes. Kuntilanak described glad to terrorize the villagers for revenge. Kuntilanak as appears always accompanied by the fragrant flowers of frangipani. It is said that men who are not careful could be killed after kuntilanak transformed into the blood sucking. Kuntilanak also loves to eat babies and harm pregnant women.

In the movie scary stories and horror on television Malaysia, described kuntilanak kill prey by sucking the blood in the neck, like a vampire.
Somewhat different picture of Malays, according to tradition, according to tradition kuntilanak Sundanese not have a hole in the back and only interfere with the appearance alone. The kind that has a hole in the back as the description above is called Sundel Bolong. Kuntilanak reportedly also like a certain tree as a "dwelling", such as hibiscus that grows leaning to the side (popularly called "hibiscus inclined").

Based on the beliefs and traditions of Javanese society, kuntilanak will not interfere with a pregnant woman if the woman is always with nails, knives, and scissors when traveling anywhere. This causes frequent practice seen put scissors, needles and knives near the crib.
According to public confidence Malays, sharp objects like nails kuntilanak can ward off attacks. When kuntilanak attack, a nail stuck in the hole behind the neck kuntilanak. While in other people's confidence in Indonesia, the location to be shifted a nail stuck into the top crown kuntilanak.

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